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Gaining in-depth insight to your pet's health

When your beloved pet isn't feeling well, it can be a worrisome time for both of you. Luckily, veterinarians are here to help. They have the important task of diagnosing what's wrong with our furry friends so they can feel better again.

A common way that veterinarians diagnose illnesses is through blood tests. Although it may sound scary, these tests are actually helpful in figuring out what might be going on inside your pet's body. They allow veterinarians to check for any dangerous or hazardous conditions that could be causing harm.

Injuries are unfortunately something that pets can experience from time to time. Whether they've had an accident while playing or just happened upon some poor luck, injuries can leave our pets suffering. This is where veterinary diagnostics come into play. By using scientific methods and advanced technology, professionals in this field can accurately assess the extent of the injuries and provide appropriate treatment.

Threats to our pet's health can sometimes go unnoticed by us as owners. That's why regular visits to the veterinarian are crucial. These professionals are trained to spot signs and symptoms that we may miss. Through their expertise and the use of various diagnostic tools, they can ensure that any potential threats are identified early on and addressed accordingly.

Pet diagnostics with our in-house laboratory help identify and treat pet health issues in some of the following ways:

  • Blood tests: A key tool for identifying diseases and monitoring organ function
  • Imaging techniques: Biopsies and cytology: Collecting and analyzing tissue samples for diagnosis
  • Urinalysis and fecal testing: Early detection of diseases

Please call us today at (678) 985-5530 to learn more about our Diagnostic Services. Otherwise, check out our in-house laboratory resources below:

Xrays for Cats & Dogs

Pet Digital Radiology

Advanced digital x-rays for diagnosing pets

Pet Ultrasound

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Pet Endoscopy

A minimally invasive imaging technique

Please call us today at (678) 985-5530 to learn more about our Diagnostic Services.