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Caring for loving canines

At Eastside Animal Medical Center, our Grayson dog vets are well-versed in treating an array of canine breeds and ages. With a love for our furry friends, it's no wonder we've been a community favorite for years.

How often should my dog see a veterinarian?

Taking your dog to the vet regularly is essential for their overall health and well-being. Just like humans, dogs need routine check-ups to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. So how should you bring your furry friend to see a veterinarian?

Ideally, it's recommended that you take your dog for an annual visit to the vet. This allows the vet to thoroughly examine your pup and catch any potential problems before they become major concerns. During these visits, the vet will give your dog a full once-over, checking their teeth, ears, eyes, and even feeling their tummy to ensure everything feels right.

However, there are certain life stages where more frequent visits may be necessary. For puppies, it's important to start off on the right paw by visiting the vet early on. Typically, this starts with a series of vaccinations and deworming treatments to keep those little tails wagging happily. These initial visits help set the foundation for a healthy life ahead.

As your faithful companion ages, regular trips to the vet become even more crucial. Dogs are masters at hiding signs of illness, so it's up to us to be vigilant and seek professional guidance.

At your dog’s annual exam, your veterinarian will answer any questions you may have and discuss other services that could improve their overall health such as spay or neutering, microchipping, and dental care.

To schedule your dog’s annual exam, call us at (678) 985-5530 or request an dog exam appointment online.

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